Outward Inclusion

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Agency: CESA 8
Agency Contact: JoAnn Miller
Agency Assistant: Betty Kaliebe 920-855-2114 Ext. 252
Presenter(s) / Instructor(s): JoAnn Miller
Location: CESA 8
223 West Park Street
Gillett, WI 54124
Facility: Aspen
8/9/2023 08:00 AM - 03:30 PM

Too many organizational efforts to address diversity and inclusion focus on behaviors alone. The marginalizing and discriminatory behaviors we are trying to address are behavioral manifestations of something deeper than behavior—mindset. For this reason, if we engage in change efforts that do not address mindset—nothing will change.

Arbinger’s Outward Inclusion workshop equips organizations with the tools to address the mindset and behaviors that get in the way of creating the culture your organization needs. Outward Inclusion guides participants through a process of self- discovery to help participants uncover bias and become equipped with practical tools to create an inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity and fosters real belonging. 

Outward Inclusion is a one-day workshop appropriate for employees at all levels of the organization.

Participants encounter powerful concepts, utilize illuminating asessments, learn how to use practical tools, and engage in transformational conversations that change the way they see themselves and those around them. The workshop also includes an introduction to application modules that provide practical tools to implement lasting change.

Participants receive access to the interactive digital Outward Inclusion workbook. This digital workbook includes the course videos, assessments, and tools as well as application modules and sustainment videos that help deepen learning and sustain ongoing implementation.

Learning Objectives

Outward Inclusion

  • Become equipped with tools to foster safe, honest, selfreflective, and productive dialogues
  • Understand the origin and nature of bias
  • Explore the impact of stereotyping, labeling, and exaggerating differences
  • Apply frameworks and tools to reduce bias, increase belonging, and influence change Application Modules
  • Understand the value of diversity and the dangers of tokenism
  • Develop a practical and healthy way to promote diversity
  • Identify and correct practices and structures that erode equity and inclusion
  • Apply frameworks and tools to improve equity and create a culture of belonging

Facilitator: JoAnn Miller, CESA 8 Continuous Director

Cost: $200 for CESA 8 CIA Member School Districts (Includes the digital workbook). $400 for all others

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