TDC - Methods and Instructional Practices for Language Acquisition II


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Course Description

Bienvenidos.  This course focuses on methods and materials for teaching ELs within ESL and mainstream classrooms, including relevant topics on second language acquisition and the nature and function of language. Program models, methodologies, and strategies that are appropriate for ELs will be discussed and presented. Methods and materials for literacy development and content area instruction in the native language will be discussed. Methods of teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing will be presented along with methods of integrating the teaching of language and academic content.  Educators will also focus on providing scaffolds and language supports for the students.

Course Requirements

Required Text(s): Gottlieb, Margo, and Castro, Mariana. (2017). Language Power: Key Uses for Accessing Content (1st Edition). California: Corwin. (ISBN-13: 978-1506375519, ISBN-10: 1506375510)

Prerequisite(s): Methods for Language Acquisition I

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