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Research states that the two best predictors of early reading success are alphabetic recognition and phonemic awareness (Adams, 1990; Beck & Juel, 1995; Chall, 1996 Stanovich, 1992) (pg 3 Blevins) The purpose of this course is to assist TDC scholar teachers in learning about early reading development and practices. This course will focus on teaching the core components of foundational literacy: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency,  with explicit, systematic instruction that is also engaging and joyful for the learner. Systematic instruction builds from easy to more complex skills with built in review and repetition to ensure mastery, and explicit instruction means that sound spelling correspondences are initially taught directly to students. (xxv Blevins) TDC  teachers will learn how to assess, teach, and monitor growth in each of these areas. In addition, TDC teachers will learn how to accommodate a variety of learners through the use of differentiated instruction. 

Course participants will complete assigned readings, engage in activities around those readings, and use the newly acquired knowledge to reflect on their current instructional practices. Much of the in-class time will be dedicated to group discussions of the readings, collaborative analysis of student work, and planning immediate next steps for teaching based on student evidence and the grade level progressions within the Common Core State Standards.

Course Requirements

Prerequisite(s): None

Required Texts: 

  1. A Fresh Look at Phonics: Common Causes of Failure and 7 Ingredients for Success, 
    Wiley Blevins, Corwin (2017)
  2. Letter Lessons and First Words: Phonics Foundations That Work, Heidi Anne Mesmer, Heinemann, (2019)
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