TDC - Writing in the Content Area - VIRTUAL

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Last Date to Register: 1/7/2022 12:01 AM
Last Date to Cancel: 1/7/2022 12:01 AM
Agency: CESA 7
Agency Contact: Charla Meyer
Agency Assistant: Jeremy Wildenberg 920-615-9666
Location: Virtual
Facility: Zoom
1/6/2022 04:15 PM - 08:15 PM
1/13/2022 04:15 PM - 08:15 PM
1/27/2022 04:15 PM - 08:15 PM

This course is designed to deepen understanding of the Common Core State Standards in the area of writing in order to design and implement lessons within the classroom using differentiated strategies. Participants will become familiar with the writing types and the grade level progressions within the Common Core State Standards. Participants will engage in collaborative analysis of student work in order to deepen understanding of the grade level progressions. Additionally, participants will assess student work to determine the next learning steps using the Common Core State Standards as a guide. Through continued coaching and feedback, a deep understanding of the writing types and rigor of the Common Core State Standards will be developed. With this deep understanding, participants will explore instructional strategies that promote differentiation, while still maintaining the rigor called for in the Common Core State Standards. Participants will demonstrate proficiency in making instructional decisions based on student evidence. These instructional strategies and decisions will be documented in a variety of ways including, but not limited to: video recordings, lesson plans, observational notes, and reflections.

Course participants will complete assigned readings, engage in activities around those readings, and use the newly acquired knowledge to reflect on their current instructional practices. Much of the in-class time will be dedicated to group discussions of the readings, collaborative analysis of student work, and planning immediate next steps for teaching based on student evidence and the grade level progressions within the Common Core State Standards.

Prerequisites: None

Required Texts:

  • The Fountas and Pinnell Literacy Continuum: A Tool for Assessment, Planning and Teaching Expanded Edition (2017) by Irene C Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell
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