Traumatic Event Crisis Intervention Plans (TECIP): Road Maps for a Proactive Building Response

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In a time where schools are becoming increasingly vigilant in “School Safety plans” (i.e., steps taken for a fire, bomb threat or tornado), schools must be equally prepared to respond the first day back after knowledge of a traumatic event (i.e., following an accidental death of a student, a death of a teacher due to a prolonged illness or following a student suicide).

The Traumatic Event Crisis Intervention Plan (TECIP ™), a program developed by the founders of COPES Consulting, has taught schools and districts how to develop sound aftermath crisis response plans, along with providing practical strategies and support materials in helping those impacted by the incident. TECIP is a field tested model that is adaptable regardless of the size of the school or school district. 

This course will provide participants with knowledge, protocols and materials designed to facilitate

  • competent, thorough and proactive pre-incident (traumatic event) preparation,
  • subsequent day (after students and staff have returned to school) deployment of crisis response team members and management of the building response, and
  • familiarity with a variety of intervention strategies and documents specifically designed to strengthen building response following a traumatic event.

Day 1: The focus of day one highlights foundational information of school crisis, the direct instruction & clarification of the TECIP framework (main components and demonstrations of the interventions embedded in the TECIP framework.

Day 2: Day two provides the opportunity for participants to practice and gain comfort with the TECIP framework; and begin the process of  personalizing the TECIP plan to meet their building (or district) needs.

Special Guest Presenter:
Michael Markowitz MS, ED, C.T.S.

Michael R. Markowitz has been a school psychologist for over 20 years and is a co-founder of COPES Consulting. Along with Glenn Carlton, Mr. Markowitz is the co-developer of the framework, “Traumatic Event Crisis Intervention Plan — After the Crisis” (TECIP) and has been the coordinator of the South-Western City Schools District Flight Team (aftermath crisis response) since 2002.

Mr. Markowitz received the 2005 School Psychologist “Best Practices” Award from School Psychologists of Central Ohio (SPCO), was recognized as "School Trauma Specialist of The Year” from the National Institute for Trauma & Loss in Children in 2009 (TLC Institute), was honored as the 2014 Huelsman Award recipient from SPCO, and was recently recognized as a 2015 "Model School Psychologist Intern Supervisor" by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). 

Mr. Markowitz completed his Bachelor of Arts in psychology from The Ohio State University and his Masters in Education in School Psychology from Queens College. Mr. Markowitz is licensed through the Ohio Board of Education as a School Psychologist and maintains his specialized certification through The TLC Institute.


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