Designing a Weekly Blended Learning Arc - Micro Course

Transformational Practices to Close the Excellence Gaps

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Last Date to Register: 7/29/2021 12:01 AM
Last Date to Cancel: 7/29/2021 12:01 AM
Agency: CESA 7
Agency Contact: Tina Lemmens
Agency Assistant: Olivia Ashley 920-617-5641
Audience: K-12 Educators, Technology IntegrationCoaches, Library Media Specialist, Curriculum and Instruction Specialists, Administrators, Face-to-Face Educators, Hybrid Educators, Blended Learning Educators, Virtual Educators
Presenter(s) / Instructor(s): Tina Lemmens
Location: Virtual
Facility: Virtual
8/5/2021 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM A synchronous virtual link will be sent to those who are registered.
8/19/2021 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM A synchronous virtual link will be sent to those who are registered
9/1/2021 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM A synchronous virtual link will be sent to those who are registered

As part of the Foundations of Blended Teaching WDLC series, this session is designed to support educators as they design learning for students, whether in person or remotely.

During the micro-course Designing a Weekly Blended Learning Arc, educators develop a weekly learning schedule that blends face-to-face and remote teaching modalities.  As part of the schedule, educators design a weekly blended learning arc that requires them to plan for whole group launch and closing sessions and to structure individual student learning sprints, collaborative projects/games, and 1:1 student check-ins.

Learning Targets

  • Create a weekly blended learning arc for one course or subject.
  • Plan for the delivery of an independent work sprint instructional model (i.e., teacher-directed, software directed, or hybrid) for use in independent work delivered by an online platform. 
  • Prepare and post a collaborative project or game aligned to the selected learning objective.
  • Plan group discussions to launch and close the learning arc.

Micro-course requirements include three synchronous whole group virtual sessions on the dates and times listed as well as independent work between sessions.   The estimated time commitment is 15 hours.

This micro-course is FREE to all WISCONSIN EDUCATORS. All expenses are covered through the Education Stabilization Funds.

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