**Canceled** Building Student Ownership of Mathematical Learning (6-12)

Classroom-Based Formative Assessment Techniques and Tools

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Registration Closed.
Last Date to Register: 10/30/2020 12:01 AM
Last Date to Cancel: 11/2/2020 12:01 AM
Agency: CESA 10
Agency Contact: Kirsten Wagner
Agency Assistant: Jada Ruppelt 715-720-2038
Location: Virtual Training/Workshop
Facility: Virtual
11/4/2020 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Formative assessment is often defined as assessment for learning. But what does assessment for learning look like in a math classroom? What should teachers be doing? How are students positioned as active and engaged self-assessors to monitor and guide their own learning? This session will explore classroom-based formative assessment techniques and tools that can be used to plan, implement, and reflect on both teaching and student learning in the classroom.

This session is offered at no cost to those CESA 10 districts participating in Title II, including Abbotsford, Bloomer, Bruce, Colby, Eleva-Strum, Gilman, Gilmanton, Granton, Greenwood, Ladysmith, Lake Holcombe, Loyal, Neillsville, New Auburn, Owen-Withee, and Spencer.  (Discount will be automatically applied.)

The cost for all other participants will be $500 per workshop.



Teacher Standards
WES8The teacher understands and uses formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social, and physical development of the pupil.
WES9The teacher is a reflective practitioner who continually evaluates the effect of his or her choices and actions on pupils, parents, professionals in the learning community and others and who actively seeks out opportunities to grow professionally.