Canceled - May 19 - SLP Network - Jennifer Schubring, Building AAC


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Agency: CESA 7
Agency Contact: Nancy Misfeldt
Agency Assistant: Christine Larson 920-617-5628
Location: CESA 7
595 Baeten Rd
Green Bay, WI 54304
Facility: Meeting Room C
5/19/2020 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM check in begins at 8:30 AM

Jennifer Schubring, Building AAC

Core Vocabulary - Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? Planning for success!

Core Vocabulary and Aided Language Stimulation (Modeling) are evidenced based practices that can help students (Early Childhood through age 21) with complex communication needs become more effective communicators at school, home, and in the community. Getting started with core vocabulary and building capacity can seem overwhelming. During this training we will address the five W’s:

· What is core vocabulary and aided language stimulation?

· Who should use it?

· Where can I use it?

· When should it be used, and some of the research behind the

· “Why”

Most of the day will be spent exploring the “how” and focusing on implementation and planning. We will look at the implementation drivers-the nuts and bolts or infrastructure of what needs to be in place to have effective implementation of any augmentative and alternative communication system. We will take the time to plan and consider drivers that may become barriers and plan ways to address them so that they do not get in your way. The session will include ideas for building capacity through coaching, the use of professional learning communities, and helping you to better understand the stages of implementation.

During the second half of the day we will make a core vocabulary communication system. We will discuss ways to teach core words, and plan a lesson using core vocabulary. There will also be time to practice using aided language stimulation. This training will also address writing goals related to core vocabulary, and discuss data collection.

It is highly encouraged that you bring a team, and come with a classroom or student in mind. This training will be hands-on, and will help you bring core vocabulary to fruition. You will have the tools you need to begin the early stages of implementation of core vocabulary after attending this training.

Jennifer Schubring is a Speech/Language Pathologist who specializes in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Jennifer attended Penn State learning from and working with one of the leading researchers in AAC, Dr. Janice Light. She has worked in a variety of settings, but has been in the public school setting for the past 13 years primarily working with students with complex communication needs. Jennifer is employed part-time by the Green Bay Area Public Schools providing Assistive Technology (AT) Program Support. She also owns a private practice, Building AAC. Additionally, Jennifer helped to develop the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Regional Network (WATRN), a statewide, grassroots effort to help build capacity in AT and AAC. Jennifer has presented nationally and at the state-level on AAC and implementation, and through her work with WATRN is helping to build capacity and knowledge statewide so that all individuals with complex communication needs have access to better communication.

Fee:  $75

Due to changing policies in many of our CESA 7 School District accounting offices, CESA 7 requests that all workshop fees be paid in advance with a check or purchase order. If it is not possible for you to secure payment from your school district prior to the workshop, we suggest that you pay personally and request reimbursement from your school district. Receipts will be available. CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations must be faxed (920-492-5965) or e-mailed five (5) working days prior to the date of the event. We are unable to provide refunds for no shows. DIETARY ACCOMMODATIONS: Due to varied dietary restrictions, CESA 7 cannot guarantee that all special dietary accommodations can be met. CESA 7 makes every effort to accommodate basic dietary restrictions with advance notice, but please plan accordingly. PHOTO/VIDEO: By registering for this event, I authorize CESA 7 to record on photograph, film, videotape or otherwise, my name, likeness, image, voice and performance during my participation in this event. My name, likeness, and voice, as well as excerpts of the recordings may be used for training, publicizing, and promoting. To opt out of the image release, attendees must notify the contact person for this event.