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Agency: CESA 5
Agency Contact: Joel Mindham
Agency Assistant: Rachelle Bacon 6087455478
Location: CESA 5
626 E. Slifer St
Portage, WI 53901
Facility: Main Conference Room
9/19/2019 08:30 AM - 02:30 PM

September 19th and November 8th are repeat workshops. 
All About Xello

This fall, Xello will be the new approved ACP program for Wisconsin. Hopefully, you had a chance to see the student experience through our winter/spring trainings or participated in one of our webinars. If not, we’ve got you covered: Go to to see the student experience

As of August 12th, Xello will be live and online for schools across Wisconsin. To help you get started, this full-day training session to recap what students will see and go in-depth on the tools for educators to view student profiles, communicate and customize the student experience, work with Xello’s interactive lessons, and run critical reports. 


  1. Get familiar with the core functionality in Xello

  2. Understand the tools available for educators

  3. Hands-on experience with key features through their personal accounts

  4. Understand how to use Xello to fulfill ACP objectives 

  5. Introduce Inspire Wisconsin

  6. Sharing implementation options and ideas

  7. Have the opportunity to ask questions about the Xello

Who Should Attend

Educators who will be using Xello with students in a classroom or counseling setting. 


Short initial presentation to be followed by a hands-on workshop and discussion.

Session Requirements

  • Every participant will need an educator account for Xello

  • Every participant will need access to a computer with internet in the session

  • Prior knowledge of the Xello student experience. Please watch this webinar if you aren’t familiar with the student experience.

Topics Covered

  • Introductions and overview of Xello

  • Accessing student profiles

  • Lessons details and student progress

  • Messaging and customization tools

  • Brief overview of Course Planning in Xello

  • Transcripts (live now) & Letters of Recommendation (live in September) 

  • Running reports

  • Introduction to Inspire Wisconsin

Cancellation Policy: Registered participants will receive a full refund if they cancel before 10 working days before an event, minus any material costs that have already been incurred. Because of our commitment to the trainer and the food vendor, participants who cancel less than 10 working days or do not attend, will be billed the full fee. CESA 5 reserves the right to cancel any event. Registered participants will be notified via email if a cancellation occurs and will receive a full refund. Inclement weather policy: Every effort will be made to hold an event. CESA 5 will notify participants via email as soon as possible if an event has been canceled due to weather conditions.