Virtual Learning Time Planning- Tech Plan DevelopmentX

TEACH Grant Eligible

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Agency: CESA 3
Agency Contact: Melissa Emler
Agency Assistant: Kate Hennessy 608-822-2149
Location: CESA 3
Facility: Conference Room C/D
6/13/2019 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Implementing an innovative instructional design requires careful planning. It is critical that districts engage their communities and gain their buy-in before doing a new and innovative instructional design. The process of putting together an innovative instructional design takes a great deal of thought and planning.

There are a variety of reasons a school would use Virtual Learning Time. These include, but are not limited to, snow or other inclement weather, professional development, widespread illness, and flooding. It is up to individual school districts to determine how many days they can effectively deliver instruction via Virtual Learning Time, including how many consecutive days.


Your local CESA is equipped to support the assessment of district readiness and the development of an action plan to implement virtual learning time.  Attending this one-day CESA workshop will be the launching point for districts to successfully use virtual learning to create quality learning experiences.

    • Consider a team inclusive of:

      • District Leadership, Dir. of Technology, C&I, Principals, Special Ed, EL, Educator/Instructional Coach,

      • School Board, Community, PTO, student leadership, Communication lead, Athletic Director


Tech Plan Development - TEACH GRANT ELIGIBLE