Implementing the New WI Science Standards Session 2b

Session 2b: Let's Do Some Science (MS/HS)

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Agency: CESA 10
Agency Contact: Ellen Mihm
Agency Assistant: Jada Ruppelt 715-720-2038
Location: CESA 10
725 West Park Avenue
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
Facility: Conference Center (Rooms 1-2-3)
1/23/2020 09:00 AM - 03:30 PM

In this second part of the STEM Curriculum series, focused on the middle and high school classroom, we will explore the impact of the new Wisconsin State Science Standards on student learning.  Participants will work through elements of a lesson to strengthen their understanding of the new standards.  Additional topics in this session will include the Phenomenon, Questioning, and Modeling (PQM) Framework; Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning (CER) process; approaching lessons from an engineering perspective; and a process for unit mapping by creating a storyline.


Learning Outcomes will be:

  • Understand how the 3 dimensions of the WSS work together to create a holistic approach to science as a discipline.
  • Understand what a WSS/NGSS-based lesson looks like.
  • Understand how the WSS/NGSS shifts look in practice.


This workshop is offered at no additional cost to those districts participating in School Improvement (LS1) or College and Career Readiness (LS2) including Abbotsford, Altoona, Augusta, Bloomer, Bruce, Cadott, Chippewa Falls, Colby, Eleva-Strum, Flambeau, Gilman, Gilmanton, Granton, Greenwood, Ladysmith, Lake Holcombe, Loyal, Mondovi, Neillsville, New Auburn, Osseo-Fairchild, Owen-Withee, Regis Catholic Schools, and Spencer. (Discount will be automatically applied.)

The cost for all other participants will be $500 per workshop.




Teacher Standards
WES1The teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the disciplines he or she teaches and can create learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful for pupils.
WES7The teacher organizes and plans systematic instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, pupils, the community, and curriculum goals.
WES8The teacher understands and uses formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social, and physical development of the pupil.
Administrator Standards
WAS1The administrator has an understanding of and demonstrates competence in the teacher standards under s. PI 34.02.
WAS3The administrator manages by advocating, nurturing and sustaining a school culture and instructional program conducive to pupil learning and staff professional growth.