Library Plan Networking DayX

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Agency: CESA 3
Location: CESA 3
Facility: Conference Room C/D
2/22/2019 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Library Planning with Future Ready Tools

2018-2019 Project Work
Monica Treptow - DPI School Library Consultant

The Need for Library Planning:
Historically, long- range library plans, which are required through Wisconsin Administrative
Code PI8.01(2)(h), have been integrated in district information and technology plans. With the
changes in requirements and form of these plans, as well as staffing changes in districts, library
plans have often been neglected in recent years. A long-range plan developed utilizing the Future
Ready Librarian framework allows for library programs to effectively increase student
achievement, provide equitable resources to all, and be a key collaborative part of district
learning initiatives. A quality library program plan is a solid advocacy tool.

Goal of this Project:
To increase the number of meaningful, integrated library and digital learning plans to support
and improve programming in districts throughout the state.
What the Project Includes:
Two 3-4 hour (half day) face-to-face meetings/work days with additional tasks and
discussions between sessions.
o Prior to first meeting, library media specialists will gather existing district plans
and/or other documents (suggestions will be provided) to facilitate creating a plan.
o The first meeting, in fall of 2018, will provide an overview of the library planning
process, an explanation of tools, and time to begin work.
o Google Community or Classroom and/or webinars will be provided for
communication and collaboration between meetings.
o The second meeting, in spring of 2019, will focus on sharing work and planning for
integration and other future action items, such as presentation to school boards.
o All work will be structured to be flexible and based on district needs.
Target audience for work is library media specialists. They should be encouraged to bring
other team members (ex. Technology Integrator, Curriculum Coordinator) with them.

DPI School Library Consultant will facilitate first meeting, online community, and
potential webinars.  

For the second meeting, the Consultant may attend partially and/or
virtually depend on the group’s progress.

Tools provided to facilitate planning will be based on the Future Ready Librarian
Framework in order to encourage a common language with other district leaders.