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Agency: CESA 7
Agency Contact: Aaron Malczewski
Agency Assistant: Lisa Hebel 920-617-5626
Location: Virtual
Facility: Virtual
9/4/2018 07:00 AM - This virtual program may be started at any time/date.
6/28/2019 07:00 AM - This virtual program may be started at any time/date.

The CESA 7 Substitute Teacher Preparatory Program is a virtual experience designed to prepare participants to be effective substitute teachers. Our online program will provide complete flexibility so participants may complete the required coursework when it is most convenient. Through CESA 7, participants will receive access to the Master Teacher online learning platform to complete the Foundations of Effective Substitute Teacher Training courses. CESA 7 will also provide support and guidance with the Department of Public Instruction’s application process for the Substitute Teacher License.


Training Topics:

  • Basic district and school policies and procedures

  • Teaching strategies that are age appropriate

  • Discipline, conflict resolution, and classroom management techniques

  • Health and safety issues, including handling medical emergencies

  • Techniques for starting a class

  • The culture of schools and the profession

  • Working with lesson plans

  • Educational technology use

  • Working with children with special needs, including confidentiality issues

  • Substitute teacher permit application process



Participants must have an Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree in areas other than education to become licensed.


Licensing Support

The final portion of our program includes a tutorial on how to apply for your license using the Department of Public Instruction's online licensing platform or otherwise known as the ELO. We understand this step may be intimidating or confusing for candidates so we have built an option that will provide in-person assistance to complete. Your two options are:

  • If you would like personal assistance when completing the licensing portion of the program simply submit your registration without applying a discount code. For this service the program costs $225.

  • If you feel you can complete the licensing portion on your own enter "virtual" in the discount code field and click the "apply discount code" button to complete your program 100% virtually for $175.  

And don't worry, if you decide you need additional support with the ELO but did not select that option, simply contact CESA 7 and we can make the adjustment to your program and provide the support you need. Payment is due at the time of registration.

After submitting the registration you will be taken to the payment area. Please be sure to complete the steps in to ensure your payment is properly submitted.

Please note that the DPI will have separate fees associated with the license application. These can include the application itself - $125, fingerprints through Fieldprint- $36; these are estimated costs. CESA 7 has no control or choice with the costs associated with the DPI license application or process. 

Please contact Aaron Malczewski for cancellations or payment questions/issues. or 920-617-5619.  



Due to changing policies in many of our CESA 7 School District accounting offices, CESA 7 requests that all workshop fees be paid in advance with a check or purchase order. If it is not possible for you to secure payment from your school district prior to the workshop, we suggest that you pay personally and request reimbursement from your school district. Receipts will be available. CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations must be faxed (920-492-5965) or e-mailed five (5) working days prior to the date of the event. We are unable to provide refunds for no shows. DIETARY ACCOMMODATIONS: Due to varied dietary restrictions, CESA 7 cannot guarantee that all special dietary accommodations can be met. CESA 7 makes every effort to accommodate basic dietary restrictions with advance notice, but please plan accordingly. PHOTO/VIDEO: By registering for this event, I authorize CESA 7 to record on photograph, film, videotape or otherwise, my name, likeness, image, voice and performance during my participation in this event. My name, likeness, and voice, as well as excerpts of the recordings may be used for training, publicizing, and promoting. To opt out of the image release, attendees must notify the contact person for this event.