Working Toward a "Three Dimensional" Approach to K-8 Science Learning

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Last Date to Register: 10/21/2018 11:59 PM
Agency: CESA 3
Agency Contact: Kristin Galle
Agency Assistant: Kate Hennessy 608-822-2149
Location: CESA 3
Facility: Conference Room A
10/23/2018 08:30 AM - 03:30 PM

Working Toward a “Three Dimensional” Approach to K-8 Science Learning

The Next Generation Science Standards encourage a multifaceted approach to teaching and learning. This more holistic view also mirrors many of the goals of environmental education, making the environment a great context for learning science. In this workshop, we will dissect lessons from Project Learning Tree’s Environmental Education Activity Guide and look for the crosscutting concepts, disciplinary core ideas, and science practices they contain. We will then take the next step of connecting these lessons to your existing curriculum to help create well-rounded science units that are ready for the upcoming school year.