EP Recertification

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Agency: CESA 12
Agency Contact: Julie Jensen
Agency Assistant: Nancy Harrison 715-682-2363 Ext. 160
Location: CESA 12 Conference Center
618 Beaser Avenue
Ashland, WI 54806
Facility: Conference Room 1
6/11/2018 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM Registration 8:30 AM

Free Recertification Training 
Calibration (practice required every semester) and the Recertification Assessment (formal assessment required every 4 years) are designed to address the issue that scoring accuracy may fluctuate over time. Calibration is a formative tool through which observers can use feedback to improve their scoring accuracy. The Recertification Assessment, however, is a summative assessment. Emphasis is given to scoring accuracy for recertification because this skill is expected to shift more over time than the foundational knowledge of the Effectiveness Project.

Although administrators may choose to re-certify on their own, re-certification training is being offered in each CESA.  Additionally, districts can contract for in-district re-certification.

Who needs to recertify in which semesters of which years?

Based on the 4-year recertification requirement, observer/evaluators who:

completed certification should complete recertification
Fall of 2012 or Spring of 2013 By June 30, 2017
Summer or Fall of 2013 By December 31, 2017
Spring of 2014 By June 30, 2018


BEFORE REGISTERING FOR THIS WORKSHOP PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR DISTRICT'S APPROVAL TO ATTEND. Cancellation Policy: Any registration cancellation must be received before the scheduled registration deadline date for a refund to be issued. Persons registering and not in attendance on the day of the session will be charged the full registration fee. CESA 12 reserves the right to cancel any session due to insufficient enrollment. Participants will be notified by email or phone if a cancellation occurs. All workshop registrations begin 1/2 prior to the event start time.