PDP Reviewer Training

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Agency: CESA 12
Agency Contact: Julie Jensen
Agency Assistant: Nancy Harrison 715-682-2363 Ext. 160
Location: CESA 12 Conference Center
618 Beaser Avenue
Ashland, WI 54806
Facility: Conference Room 3
3/22/2017 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Initial educators select DPI-trained team members for goal approval and PDP verification. The team must include:

  • A peer in the same license category as the educator’s PDP  (A teacher peer must be in the same subject area or at the same grade/developmental level)
  • An administrator
  • An IHE representative

Professional educators select DPI-trained team members for PDP verification. The team will include 3 peers in the same license category as the educator’s PDP.

In order to serve on a PDP team, team members must successfully complete a DPI-proved PDP Team training.  IHE representatives must be affiliated with and designated by an IHE.

This training will certify educators with the ability to review PDP's.  The objectives for this training are:

  • Practice the knowledge, skills and dispositions related to being a PDP Team member
  • Apply a process to license renewal that is focused on professional growth.
  • Establish a consistent process for PDP goal approval and PDP verification using prescribed checklists.
  • Establish a consistent process for the presentation of PI34 content.
  • Share a common understanding of PI34 evidence by completion of the PI34 onlin module and self-assessment.

**Participants must be a professional Wisconsin licensed educator for the certification they are seeking.  This training is online module work and a half day face-to-face training upon the conclusion of the two weeks.  Participants MUST complete all the required components to receive their certification.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE 15 DAYS BEFORE THE START OF THE EVENT DUE TO ONLINE MODULES THAT NEED TO BE COMPLETED. PDP reviewer training will be approximately 6-10 hours per participant of online work over the course of the two weeks prior to the face-to-face.

This training is for participants who have never been trained as a PDP Reviewer.   

Participants need to bring a laptop computer with wireless Internet access to the face-to-face training.


BEFORE REGISTERING FOR THIS WORKSHOP PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR DISTRICT'S APPROVAL TO ATTEND. Cancellation Policy: Any registration cancellation must be received before the scheduled registration deadline date for a refund to be issued. Persons registering and not in attendance on the day of the session will be charged the full registration fee. CESA 12 reserves the right to cancel any session due to insufficient enrollment. Participants will be notified by email or phone if a cancellation occurs. All workshop registrations begin 1/2 prior to the event start time.